We opened our doors in 2020 as a small family-owned business that started with a hopeful tour guide Ami, and now has grown into a team of 15 by 2023. We are not just another tour agency, we are community-founded, funded, and united together for our love of wine and all the good times that come with it.

Our business was quick to win the hearts of locals and international tourists. We continue to embrace our love and support for the family-owned local vineyards in the countryside of Victoria, with plans to expand our business to other states in the near future. 

Despite the challenges faced by COVID – we managed to keep our doors open and all our staff in jobs despite the pandemic and the on-and-off lockdowns. We are grateful for the generous support from our clients and winery partners when we were just a few days away from closing our doors forever.

One of the aims of our business going forward is to give back to those who have helped us stay in business.  

By going on any tour with us you are contributing 5% of your payments we receive as profits are donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation as well as Beyond Blue. Fights against cancer and raising awareness for mental health are two causes that we strongly support and hold dear to our hearts. 

giving back program

Breast cancer is not a disease that has a single story. It is as diverse and complex as our global community and it profoundly impacts everyone it touches – patients, loved ones, doctors, caregivers, advocates and more.

Breast cancer is also the most common cancer affecting Australian women. In 2022, it is estimated that 20,741 people will be diagnosed with breast cancer. That is an average of 57 people per day. 

In support of everyone touched by breast cancer, we are giving back 5% of our proceeds to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Together, we are accelerating our progress towards a more equitable and beautiful future for the breast cancer community and beyond. It’s #TimeToEndBreastCancer